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Integrate live webcam footage into your website to showcase live streams of your resort, city, park, ski area, dog boarding facility, and more. Share the beauty of sunsets, sunrises, beaches, and wildlife with everyone.

How to start?


Purchase AngelCamera One or connect your Axis camera to the Angelcam platform.


Create your account and get your first 21 days of the Essentials plan for free.


Start broadcasting from your IP camera to your audience.

Broadcast IP camera on your website in a few minutes

Your IP camera, a strong internet connection and our support will allow you to broadcast live at all times from any place.

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Your service is top-notch, stable as heck, and very appreciated. Keep on rocking!

Your service has been amazing for the past few years and I hope it continues to be reliable.”

Dennis O'Hara

Trusted by thousands of customers around the world.

Broadcasting features

Embed live video into your website

No need to be a tech expert - simply copy and paste our code to integrate live video into your website or app.

Unlimited video

The audience will have an exact view and audio experience of what your camera sends to us. No quality limitations.

It works on
all devices

The player is built for optimal performance on all major desktop and mobile browsers.

Add your logo to the stream

Create a unique identity for your stream and make it stand out from the competition.

Have lots of viewers

Our cloud only pulls video from your camera once, ensuring that your camera and network connection can handle the load without issues, no matter how many viewers there are.

Stream at your own schedule

Automatically turn on and off broadcasting based on specific time and selected days of the week.

Pick the best plan for your camera

To utilize any plans, you must have the Essentials plan, which is $30 per year per customer.



per camera per month
Stream to the whole
world with ads
live example
e-mail us
  • Unlimited video resolution
  • Unlimited bitrate
  • Max. 1000 concurrent viewers
  • Unique customizable web address for easy sharing
    Audio support
    Promotional features:
    • Optional promotion on
    • Customizable camera name, description, tags and location
    • Promotion on other public cameras
    • Indexed by search engines
    • Access to Angelcam's Community
    Save 2 months
    ($23.89) when
    paying yearly



    per camera per month
    Stream publicly
    without advertisement
    live example
    e-mail us
    All the benefits of free, and:

    • No advertisement on the stream page
    • Branded video
    • Google Analytics integration
    • Password protection
    • Online Messenger & Email Support



    per camera per month
    Build YOUR brand
    with no distraction
    live example
    e-mail us
    All of Premium, and:

    • No Angelcam branding
    • Max. 2000 concurrent viewers
    • Dedicated Key Account Manager
    Save 2 months
    ($249.89) when
    paying yearly


    $30 per customer
    per year
    Get instant access to all your
    cameras from anywhere
    • Connect up to 10 cameras
    • Unlimited video resolution
    • Accessible from all devices
    • Audio support
    • Camera status monitoring
      Secure and reliable connection
      Mobile apps for iOS and Android

    Frequently Asked Questions

    Which brands of cameras are compatible and can be connected to the system?

    At present, using an Axis camera is the optimal solution, as we support all Axis camera models.

    For those who have cameras from other brands, we suggest testing their compatibility with our platform first before considering the purchase of an AngelBox as the next best option.

    Could you provide more information on the Essentials plan? Is it necessary for me to have it?

    The Essentials plan operates on an account-based system, with a yearly cost of $30 per account (which equates to just $2.50 per month). This plan enables you to connect up to 10 cameras, and provides the option to stream all of them publicly at no additional cost, though advertisements will be displayed around streaming.

    To embed the stream into a website, a premium or business plan is required.

    How does the embedding to the website work?

    After creating an account and purchasing the Essentials plan for $30 per year, you can take advantage of the free broadcasting premium trial for 30 days. Assign it to the correct camera, and copy and paste the embed code from our administration area to your own website. Once the trial has ended, you may purchase a broadcasting premium subscription.

    You can see the embedding process on the following video.

    Can you clarify what is meant by the 100% money-back guarantee?

    With all of our services, you have the flexibility to downgrade or cancel at any time and receive a 100% money-back guarantee within 30 days of your initial payment. Let us know if you're unsatisfied and we'll issue a refund.

    Can I test the service without any charge?

    Yes! Your first 21 days of the Essentials plan are free. Start by creating your account here.